Modfuture: 1/14 Modfuture: 1/14
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Modfuture: 3/14 Modfuture: 3/14
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Modfuture: 6/14 Modfuture: 6/14
Modfuture: 7/14 Modfuture: 7/14
Modfuture: 8/14 Modfuture: 8/14
Modfuture: 9/14 Modfuture: 9/14
Modfuture: 10/14 Modfuture: 10/14
Modfuture: 11/14 Modfuture: 11/14
Modfuture: 12/14 Modfuture: 12/14
Modfuture: 13/14 Modfuture: 13/14
Modfuture: 14/14 Modfuture: 14/14

Jared O'sullivan ‘Modfuture’

Jared O’Sullivan meets his all Australian cast on another hot Australian Summer day.

“The shoot was styled & shot to a soundtrack of reverberation to suit the vibe of our Future Mods. Back from the future, down from space, our models looked like anti-fashion queens. From the studio we scouted locations, chasing the sun down in Northern New South Wales before the girls returned to outta space & all others disappeared with out a trace.”



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