Monster squad (NSFW): 1/5 Monster squad (NSFW): 1/5
Monster squad (NSFW): 2/5 Monster squad (NSFW): 2/5
Monster squad (NSFW): 3/5 Monster squad (NSFW): 3/5
Monster squad (NSFW): 4/5 Monster squad (NSFW): 4/5
Monster squad (NSFW): 5/5 Monster squad (NSFW): 5/5

Jesse Cilio ‘Monster squad (NSFW)’

Wanderer, hopeless romantic, writer, creative genius Jesse Cilio brings us new film work out of LA. This is ‘Monster squad’ starring Marie Alexandra.

“The day was like a mandolin version of a sunset. We went to Griffith park in LA & found a spot that had good lighting & shot a tea party with Marie & Frankenstein. The whole shoot lasted about 30 minutes, as we jumped in puddles, talked shit, smoked joints & laughed about life.

We then headed to this elementary school that’s close by my house where this Mexican Lady makes the best Mexican corn on the cob on the stick. On sunny days if I’m in LA & I need a break from writing, I’ll watch the kids laugh & play & I just sit on the bench & eat my corn & make jokes with the Mexican Corn lady I call my “Abuela”.

Living in a city, you have to find your pockets of happiness, that becomes routine like, that you should just keep for yourself. It sounds weird but makes sense to me. I’m a writer & spend most the day in my head. So we shot the Wolf Man & Marie up against the chain link fence of the school as the sun was coming down.

The last thing we shot we shot behind my place. I got the idea, from being a kid in NYC. I remember there was always someone at every red light trying to wash your windows, & I liked the image of Frankenstein washing the windows as Marie flashed the driver. That would’ve always had my dollars out of my pockets.”



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