Moonrise: 1/17 Moonrise: 1/17
Moonrise: 2/17 Moonrise: 2/17
Moonrise: 3/17 Moonrise: 3/17
Moonrise: 4/17 Moonrise: 4/17
Moonrise: 5/17 Moonrise: 5/17
Moonrise: 6/17 Moonrise: 6/17
Moonrise: 7/17 Moonrise: 7/17
Moonrise: 8/17 Moonrise: 8/17
Moonrise: 9/17 Moonrise: 9/17
Moonrise: 10/17 Moonrise: 10/17
Moonrise: 11/17 Moonrise: 11/17
Moonrise: 12/17 Moonrise: 12/17
Moonrise: 13/17 Moonrise: 13/17
Moonrise: 14/17 Moonrise: 14/17
Moonrise: 15/17 Moonrise: 15/17
Moonrise: 16/17 Moonrise: 16/17
Moonrise: 17/17 Moonrise: 17/17


Alexan Sarikamichian & Guido Barbosch ‘Moonrise’

The moonrise is not just anything. It is a moment of reflection, of change. It is a time to think about what we did during the day. Throughout our lifetime. Have you ever thought about how the moon waits all day to hide from us?

Directed by: Alexan Sarikamichian & Guido Barbosch
Cast: Agustin Bruno, Gino Pasqualini, Greta Cozzolino, Fede Lucker, Milagros Machado, Sofia Klimkowski, William Hägg
Director of Photography: Nicolas Quintela
Color Grade: Gabriel Argüello Marsal
Style: Agustin Elias
Makeup & Hair : Rocio Rojas, Abril Fumo, Beta Bernald
Editor: Agostina Raffa
Assist Editor: Mariano Mostro
General Production: Alexan Films & Guido Barbosch
Voice Over: William Hägg
Original Music: Garza Garzon feat. Dan Hakim + Sacha Bro
Graphic Design: Anormal
Photography Unit: Tilde Hägg
Thanks: Joaquín Castro
Apparel: Madness Clothing, Olaza, Ramona Vintage, Blackmamba, Mutua, Natalia Martin
Agencies Civiles: Lo Management, Select Model, Next Models, Hello Crudo



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