‘Morning blues’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Mortonovich / Model: Blondie
Morning blues: 1/10
Morning blues: 2/10
Morning blues: 3/10
Morning blues: 4/10
Morning blues: 5/10
Morning blues: 6/10
Morning blues: 7/10
Morning blues: 8/10
Morning blues: 9/10
Morning blues: 10/10

Mortonovich ‘Morning blues’

To get us all warmed up for ‘Sexy Saturday’ here is ‘Morning Blues’, our third gorgeous film series from creative duo, Chip & Blondie. Here is what Chip told us about their day…

“Blondie is a favourite subject of mine. She has a natural grace about her that she is not even aware of. As is my usual practice, I don’t plan much. It’s more like, “you just do your thing and I’ll shoot”. Joke around, laugh, smoke, drink carrot juice, eat pizza and voila! Fabulous photos. I think when women are beautiful, which is often, I’d rather just let them be free and wonderful and I try my best to simply capture it.”



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