Matt Ruderman

‘Moscow postcards’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Matt Ruderman / Model: Yulia Stolyarova / Stylist: Yulia Stolyarova
Moscow postcards: 1/9
Moscow postcards: 2/9
Moscow postcards: 3/9
Moscow postcards: 4/9
Moscow postcards: 5/9
Moscow postcards: 6/9
Moscow postcards: 7/9
Moscow postcards: 8/9
Moscow postcards: 9/9

Matt Ruderman ‘Moscow postcards’

During his recent trip to Moscow, Melbourne photographer Matt Ruderman teamed up with model/stylist Yulia Stolyarova.

“I was on holiday in Moscow for a few days for the first time ever & linked up with a few awesome creatives, one of whom was Yulia. It was a pretty spontaneous shoot with no set locations & we walked around on a very drizzly & grey day & took photos with the backdrop of the beautiful city. I absolutely loved my time there & I can’t wait to return as soon as possible!”



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