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Mortonovich ‘Motorcycle days’

Mortonovich we’ve missed you! For his latest series the Cali photographer combined his love of motorbikes & pretty pictures & met with Yoli Lara for ‘Motorcycle days’.

“I’m a huge motorcycle nut & as a photographer, it’s always driven me nuts that when models are shot with bikes, they are rarely, if ever, actually RIDING the motorcycle. So I’ve been shooting some stories of models riding a cool old motorcycle, having fun & dressed well, NOT like a “biker”. Kick ass models being beautiful & stylish  while riding a motorcycle.

I’d shot with Yoli a couple times & she was really into the idea. She’s ridden a bunch at home in Puerto Rico so that was a huge plus to getting the photo session to go smooth. We met up in a warehouse area in L.A. & basically just started blasting around the streets. Up & down sidewalks, down alleys, whatever. It was really super fun!! That old 1967 Suzuki BP105 that I borrowed from a friend ran like a champ, Yoli rode with ease & it was a great day!”



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