Move: 1/14 Move: 1/14
Move: 2/14 Move: 2/14
Move: 3/14 Move: 3/14
Move: 4/14 Move: 4/14
Move: 5/14 Move: 5/14
Move: 6/14 Move: 6/14
Move: 7/14 Move: 7/14
Move: 8/14 Move: 8/14
Move: 9/14 Move: 9/14
Move: 10/14 Move: 10/14
Move: 11/14 Move: 11/14
Move: 12/14 Move: 12/14
Move: 13/14 Move: 13/14
Move: 14/14 Move: 14/14

Amber Maree ‘Move’

Amber Maree brings us a new stunning vintage inspired series out of Melbourne. This is ‘Move’.

“It was such a fun, creative filled day amongst friends, & was very much a collaboration between everyone involved. Initially, Warwick, who was the stylist & creative director for this shoot, was moving out of the amazing house that he had decorated & created. So obviously, we needed to do a shoot in it before it all had to come down & Leah from Aquarium Vintage was kind enough to lend us the clothing, which tied everything together perfectly. It’s sort of a playboy meets dysfunctional vintage obsessed family fantasy.”

Wardrobe; Aquarium Vintage



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