Pancho Monti

‘Mrs Emoji’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Pancho Monti / Model: Sofía Toledo
Mrs Emoji: 1/16
Mrs Emoji: 2/16
Mrs Emoji: 3/16
Mrs Emoji: 4/16
Mrs Emoji: 5/16
Mrs Emoji: 6/16
Mrs Emoji: 7/16
Mrs Emoji: 8/16
Mrs Emoji: 9/16
Mrs Emoji: 10/16
Mrs Emoji: 11/16
Mrs Emoji: 12/16
Mrs Emoji: 13/16
Mrs Emoji: 14/16
Mrs Emoji: 15/16
Mrs Emoji: 16/16

Pancho Monti ‘Mrs Emoji’

Argentinian photographer, Pancho Monti brings us new stunning work out of Buenos Aires starring Sofía Toledo.

“Sofi is so amazing! We took some summer photos on a day it wasn’t so hot! But we achieved to transmit that vibe! We also used emoji stickers & people looked at us so weird (I also had one stuck on my forehead).”



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