‘Mulholland Drive’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
12 photographs.
Photographer: Jai / Model: Niki Skylar / Stylist: Jai
Mulholland Drive: 1/12
Mulholland Drive: 2/12
Mulholland Drive: 3/12
Mulholland Drive: 4/12
Mulholland Drive: 5/12
Mulholland Drive: 6/12
Mulholland Drive: 7/12
Mulholland Drive: 8/12
Mulholland Drive: 9/12
Mulholland Drive: 10/12
Mulholland Drive: 11/12
Mulholland Drive: 12/12

Jai ‘Mulholland Drive’

Jai, known only by his first name, is a British photographer based out of Los Angeles, who describes his photographic style as “make shit up as I go & then shoot that shit the way eye see it”.

When his friend told him he could use an original 1960’s hollywood hills home for a shoot before it gets knocked down, he knew it would be the perfect backdrop for Niki.

“The morning of the shoot was unusually cloudy so I decided to shoot everything inside. I picked three simple looks from Niki’s back pack, put on some dope beats & directed Niki through a fun intuitive 2 hour shoot. Niki is a natural beauty & a pleasure to work with.”



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