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Mutations: 3/15 Mutations: 3/15
Mutations: 4/15 Mutations: 4/15
Mutations: 5/15 Mutations: 5/15
Mutations: 6/15 Mutations: 6/15
Mutations: 7/15 Mutations: 7/15
Mutations: 8/15 Mutations: 8/15
Mutations: 9/15 Mutations: 9/15
Mutations: 10/15 Mutations: 10/15
Mutations: 11/15 Mutations: 11/15
Mutations: 12/15 Mutations: 12/15
Mutations: 13/15 Mutations: 13/15
Mutations: 14/15 Mutations: 14/15
Mutations: 15/15 Mutations: 15/15

Lauren Naylor ‘Mutations’

Los Angeles fashion, portrait & fine art photographer, Lauren Naylor brings us her stunning debut series.

“I wanted this story to feel very stagnant in the beginning, & slowly become more fluid and care-free towards the end. I think we can all relate to the emotions of feeling trapped by something or someone. Until fears of the unknown finally start to break down and morph into reckless abandon.”

Bio: Lauren is a fashion, portrait & fine art photographer based in Los Angeles. Her photographic foundation is rooted with moody undertones and aesthetic backdrops. Using light and props creatively, she forges a dream landscape for her subject matter. Lauren is a visual creator with a strong foundation on human emotion and a love for dreams.

Wardrobe; Vintage pieces from Worship LA.



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