My boo: 1/9 My boo: 1/9
My boo: 2/9 My boo: 2/9
My boo: 3/9 My boo: 3/9
My boo: 4/9 My boo: 4/9
My boo: 5/9 My boo: 5/9
My boo: 6/9 My boo: 6/9
My boo: 7/9 My boo: 7/9
My boo: 8/9 My boo: 8/9
My boo: 9/9 My boo: 9/9

Eli Cohen ‘My boo’

Art director Odie Senesh put together a group of creatives from Yaffa to bring this project to life in the heart & soul of a city celebrating inconsistency.

“From New York to Florence, to Paris to Yaffa, (Jaffa), “My Boo” incorporates universal attire to create a hybrid loyal to the streets of Yaffa. The combination of local & foreign promotes an eclectic play-by-play of the contradictions in life. Like Yaffa, “My Boo” is a story saturated with variance. From stone arches to glass floors, hidden allies to open spaces, this production sets out to bring a lush variety of contrast in city life. The concept of this fashion editorial was inspired by “AVAVAV”, a Florence-based fashion brand led by the Art Director & Designer Beate Karlsson. The idea for this project was ignited once a package from Beate landed at Odie’s home in Yaffa.”

wardrobe: Avavav, Jacquemus, YSL, Kuki, Xenberg, Paloma Wool.



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