Caro Vercellone

‘My hot neighbour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Caro Vercellone / Model: Priscila Silva / Stylist: Flor Cordara / HMUA: Fiamma Ruffo / Accessories: Y-lovers
My hot neighbour: 1/6
My hot neighbour: 2/6
My hot neighbour: 3/6
My hot neighbour: 4/6
My hot neighbour: 5/6
My hot neighbour: 6/6

Caro Vercellone ‘My hot neighbour’

We’ve all had one or wished for one at some point. This is ‘my hot neighbour’, shot on a lovely sunny day in a lovely Buenos Aires neighbourhood, by Argentina collaborators, Caro Vercellone & Flor Cordara.



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