‘My ice cream melt’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Kimdary / Model: Gabriele G / HMUA: Akico / Stylist: Parole Paris / Model Management: Universe Management
My ice cream melt: 1/11
My ice cream melt: 2/11
My ice cream melt: 3/11
My ice cream melt: 4/11
My ice cream melt: 5/11
My ice cream melt: 6/11
My ice cream melt: 7/11
My ice cream melt: 8/11
My ice cream melt: 9/11
My ice cream melt: 10/11
My ice cream melt: 11/11

Kimdary ‘My ice cream melt’

Kimdary brings us a new bold & fun series made in Paris starring Gabriele G.

Working as a photographer & art director in advertising in Paris & New York, Kimdary noticed that for models, the range of emotions is even more restricted than it is for other people as they “represent” brands. Images bombard us now more than ever in print & digital. There is a danger in communicating only with images; we define ourselves by them – & do so without a real awareness of the back story. Unfortunately, this triggers a lot of unhappiness. Although one notices higher levels of emotional expression in fashion images throughout the last 3 years, there is still a lot of progress to be made. She is committed to bringing feelings to what she produces. Being a fashion photographer isn’t just pressing the shutter. She doesn’t ask herself if people will enjoy her work. Rather, what is important for her is to know that the audience & the next generation will look at her photos & think “it’s okay to have feelings & emotions”. That one doesn’t need to be a frozen beauty to be interesting or valued.

Wardrobe: Fille de Joie, Foutone, ThisMxJewelery, Møsaïs, Chealsea Grays, The new Designers, My Hood, Imparfait, Interdee, Parole Paris.



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