Eleonor Delecluse

‘My rainbow has bloomed’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
11 photographs.
Photographer: Eleonor Delecluse / Stylist: Eleonor Delecluse / Assistant: Fabian Gamba / Model: Nancy Shvab / Model Management: GH Management / Words: Fabian Gamba
My rainbow has bloomed: 1/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 2/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 3/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 4/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 5/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 6/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 7/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 8/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 9/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 10/11
My rainbow has bloomed: 11/11

Eleonor Delecluse ‘My rainbow has bloomed’

French Film photographer, model & eternal dreamer Eléonor Delécluse captures fellow S&S contributor Nancy Shvab in Mexico for her new stunning series.

“Nancy came to visit us on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Mexico City. We improvised a studio on our rooftop, dressed her in some tights & let her do her magic that I captured on film.

These words written by Fabian Gamba illustrate the moment:

“My rainbow has bloomed
Red as my dress
Red as these flames that live deep with in
Red as a memory of my first love
So long waiting for this seed to grow
And now it finally bloomed
Like a green day of summer
Although from times sour
Life always finds a way
to make my feelings bloom
Either be rain or flowers
Like those you brought me
On the only sunny day of January
And I do enjoy the ill days
‘Keep crying and your eyes will turn blue’
my mother used to say
I could not help it
But now I feel complete

Now that my rainbow has bloomed”



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