Nancy Shvab

‘Now I see’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
12 photographs.
Photographer: Nancy Shvab / Model: Fabian / Model: Eléonor Edith Delécluse
Now I see: 1/12
Now I see: 2/12
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Nancy Shvab ‘Now I see’

Our ‘Shoot of the week’ found its way to us from Mexico City via Nancy S who brings us something natural & beautiful & plays with angles & light. This is ‘Now I see’ starring Eleonor & Fabian.

“I have known Eleonor & Fabian for a while, the connection between them inspires me so much & makes me believe in real love. I’m endlessly thankful for the chance to catch two beautiful souls in one frame.”

Eleonor’s first impression of Fabian:
“When I saw him for the first time I thought “Oh, he’s way too young, it will never work out. After he kissed me I knew I was wrong.”

Fabian’s first impression of Eleonor:
When I saw her first time I thought “She’s really exotic & confident. We understood each other & she was not like the other girls. I knew I had to kiss her now, or I would stay her friend forever.”



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