Naturally: 1/16 Naturally: 1/16
Naturally: 2/16 Naturally: 2/16
Naturally: 3/16 Naturally: 3/16
Naturally: 4/16 Naturally: 4/16
Naturally: 5/16 Naturally: 5/16
Naturally: 6/16 Naturally: 6/16
Naturally: 7/16 Naturally: 7/16
Naturally: 8/16 Naturally: 8/16
Naturally: 9/16 Naturally: 9/16
Naturally: 10/16 Naturally: 10/16
Naturally: 11/16 Naturally: 11/16
Naturally: 12/16 Naturally: 12/16
Naturally: 13/16 Naturally: 13/16
Naturally: 14/16 Naturally: 14/16
Naturally: 15/16 Naturally: 15/16
Naturally: 16/16 Naturally: 16/16

Ryan Pike ‘Naturally’

Last Thursday night at our Live art event in Brisbane a lovely good looking guy in a black beanie stopped me & introduced himself as Ryan Pike; Sydney based photographer who had recently submitted some work. Naturally I pretended to know which shoot was his. When I got back to the office (aka my living room) it all clicked that Ryan was the guy who gave me this beautiful set & thank God I fucking love it because I am pretty sure that’s what I told him on the night 🙂

Thank you Ryan!!! Lovely to meet you btw.




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