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by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Creative director: Chantal Brocca / Photographer: Samira Homerang / Photographer: Stavros Antypas / Photographer: Zahra Hasby / Stylist: Chantal Brocca / Model: Chantal Brocca
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Chantal Brocca ‘Neck-deep’

Co-founder of Dubai based ethical luxury lingerie boutique Studio Asanawa, Chantal Brocca is also a sustainable fashion activist, a stylist, creative director, public speaker & cultural writer, researcher & critic focusing her work on revealing cracks in society & the fashion system through her blog [Im]materials. Today the multi hat wearing creative presents her latest concept (which she also stars in) through the lens of three different photographers – Samira Saunders, Stavros Antypas  &  Zahra Hasby.

“A society neck-deep in overconsumption & escapism spawns a culture of dress up & the birth of cheap opulence. The loud, ostentatious & mismatched, portrayed exaggeratedly not long ago in the 90s to depict the low brow & tacky, is now not only exquisitely on-trend but also synonymous with the chic, the aspirational & the elegant. More is more & good taste is public property. But in this movement for equality, is the new neo euro trash aesthetic playing out narratives of identity & inclusion or have the clothes themselves become the subject?”



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