Diane Betties

‘Neighbourhood watch’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Diane Betties / Model: Maggie Maurer / Stylist: Hermes Cevera / Make-up Artist: Sasha O’Neill / Hair: Yusuke Morioka
Neighbourhood watch: 1/11
Neighbourhood watch: 2/11
Neighbourhood watch: 3/11
Neighbourhood watch: 4/11
Neighbourhood watch: 5/11
Neighbourhood watch: 6/11
Neighbourhood watch: 7/11
Neighbourhood watch: 8/11
Neighbourhood watch: 9/11
Neighbourhood watch: 10/11
Neighbourhood watch: 11/11

Diane Betties ‘Neighbourhood watch’

Recently & spontaneously, a bunch of friends came together to create photos. They ended up with this super fun, sexy fashion editorial that refuses to take itself too seriously.

“Our location fell through twice & we ended up shooting in this posh private garden in South Kensington surrounded by really stunning villas – trust me if I say, we created quite a stir amongst the rich house wives panicking over seeing a semi nude Maggie wandering around & crawling into the bushes of their well manicured little Jardin Versailles.

Special thank you to Avenue32 & Laura Comfort for giving us Location Access.”



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