Francisco Tavoni

‘Neo rapture’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Francisco Tavoni / Model: Brigette Cooper / Model: Brad Jakins / Stylist: Sally Patti / Phoebe Fever
Neo rapture: 1/8
Neo rapture: 2/8
Neo rapture: 3/8
Neo rapture: 4/8
Neo rapture: 5/8
Neo rapture: 6/8
Neo rapture: 7/8
Neo rapture: 8/8

Francisco Tavoni ‘Neo rapture’

Thrills Co always maintains a spot in our wardrobes & now the brand offer us an exclusive sneak peek at their Spring 15 collection look book ‘Neo Rapture’. Combining the classic undertones of street machines with music sub-cultures, ‘Neo Rapture’ takes a progressively dark turn into maturity & highlights the brands easygoing avant-garde pursuits.



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