Noël McGrath

‘Neon wonderland’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
9 photographs.
Photographer: Noël McGrath / Model: Dayna Christison / Assistant: Ingrid Nichols / Words: Ingrid Nichols
Neon wonderland: 1/9
Neon wonderland: 2/9
Neon wonderland: 3/9
Neon wonderland: 4/9
Neon wonderland: 5/9
Neon wonderland: 6/9
Neon wonderland: 7/9
Neon wonderland: 8/9
Neon wonderland: 9/9

Noël McGrath ‘Neon wonderland’

Obviously I was going to love this!!! ‘Neon wonderland’ is our debut feature from Noël McGrath starring the incredible Dayna Christison.

“After meandering through the dusty carnival aisles, we made our way to a grassy nook, popped open some Brooklyn beers & slipped off what we were wearing to change into our garments for the shoot in the nearby brush. We watched the sun set as the green grass prickled & the cold brews cooled us down as the carnival slowly turned into a neon wonderland. The cotton candy was sweeter than I remember & the games much more worn from years of play. In that haze of motion, where the carousel horses whirled by our dizzied eyes, a prism of light caught her left cheek, & in that fog of colour & light, she stood flawless and radiant; her strength & grace evident to the passersby.”



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