Simon Chetrit

‘Neons with Noga’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Simon Chetrit / Model: Noga Shragai / Model Management: Yuli Group Agency
Neons with Noga: 1/5
Neons with Noga: 2/5
Neons with Noga: 3/5
Neons with Noga: 4/5
Neons with Noga: 5/5

Simon Chetrit ‘Neons with Noga’

New York based fashion photographer & photojournalist, Simon Chetrit uses the city as his studio, most recenlty the Israel city of Tel Aviv, where he captured the beautful Noga.

“I was staying there for Passover, & despite always loving the atmosphere & the run-down, Berlin-style parts of the city, never had the chance to do the shoot I always wanted. Tel Aviv is a city of contradictions, running the full gamut from hyper new clean glass condos, to ancient stone buildings. Noga & I explored the forthcoming site of Tel Aviv’s long delayed train system, a flowery field overlooking the backyard of a military museum replete with decrepit artillery cannons, & the neon-soaked beachfront close to Jaffo. Initially a bit nervous about the shoot, we hit it off right away, & bonded over our mutual discomfort with the more over-the-top religious elements of Israeli culture.”



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