Florencia Valentini

‘New girl in town’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Florencia Valentini / Model: Sofia Pavlovic / Model Management: Civiles / Assistant: Luciana Verini / Stylist: Agostina Valente / Make-up Artist: Rocio Rojas
New girl in town: 1/17
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Florencia Valentini ‘New girl in town’

Inspired by the suburbs in 80´s movies & a bad case of ‘Stranger Things’ fever, Florencia Valentini brings us her stunning debut feature.

“The whole idea started with a Michel Gondry exhibition that had a place in town. As a set designer instantly, I fell in love with this opportunity to shoot in some of the sets that Gondry designed for his movies. We came with Soy Boya, a fabulous T-shirt designer from south Buenos Aires & Sister Denim, whose jeans are all a girl can dream about. Together we created this aesthetics girl who is at first scared in her room, but then she becomes a bad ass in the neighborhood that beats out the bad guys.

The sets were AMAZING! It was hard to focus on just some of them, but we adjusted to the story. The day was a blast, Sofi is a very intrepid model who immediately captured the story & was able to put some fashion in it. This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without Rocio, who did an excellent job with the make up, bringing some sunblush on this hood girl. Also, it wouldn’t have been possible without Lucy, who assisted us & did some backstage shooting. In the end, we created an excellent group & the result is more than I could have hoped for.”

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