Julien Laperrière

‘New kids’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Julien Laperrière / Model: Eugenio / Model: Yang / Model Management: Another Species model management / Stylist: Emilie Lacoursiere / HMUA: Maude Pascale
New kids: 1/8
New kids: 2/8
New kids: 3/8
New kids: 4/8
New kids: 5/8
New kids: 6/8
New kids: 7/8
New kids: 8/8

Julien Laperrière ‘New kids’

‘New Kids’ is the latest to find its way to us from Montreal via stylist, Emilie Lacoursiere & her awesome team.

“Eugenio is from Montreal & Yang just moved a couple months ago from London. She got injured a couple weeks before we booked her & we shot her on the last day with her cast on.”

Brands featured; Adidas, Atelier Wonder, Boutique Ruse, New Regime.



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