Jansen Gibson

‘New purpose’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Jansen Gibson / Model: Cheyenne Conrady
New purpose: 1/9
New purpose: 2/9
New purpose: 3/9
New purpose: 4/9
New purpose: 5/9
New purpose: 6/9
New purpose: 7/9
New purpose: 8/9
New purpose: 9/9

Jansen Gibson ‘New purpose’

Nashville creatives & lovers Jansen Gibson & Cheyenne Conrady bring us a stunning 35mm film series pertinent to the current situation.

“It’s kind of about having too much time on our hands, so putting that time to good use & getting creative with loved ones. Every single piece of set in this shoot is from a recycling/reuse warehouse.”



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