Catalina Havlena

‘Night vision’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Catalina Havlena / Model: May Daniels / Wardrobe: The Power Plant
Night vision: 1/9
Night vision: 2/9
Night vision: 3/9
Night vision: 4/9
Night vision: 5/9
Night vision: 6/9
Night vision: 7/9
Night vision: 8/9
Night vision: 9/9

Catalina Havlena ‘Night vision’

Recently film photographer, Catalina Havlena dressed up her close friend & muse, May Daniels in a gorgeous vintage dress from her online store ‘The Power Plant‘ to shoot this gorgeous set. Here is what she told us about the making of ‘Night Vision’…

“This shoot started off as an ode to a specific 1970’s magazine editorial where the model falls into the pool and ended up being a freaky exploration of the mysteries of darkness & water & femininity & sex. A full moon and deep water will do that to you”.



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