No hard feelings –

Mila F

‘No hard feelings’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Mila F / Model: Alessia Pigozzo / Assistant: Massimiliano Rubinato
No hard feelings: 1/6
No hard feelings: 2/6
No hard feelings: 3/6
No hard feelings: 4/6
No hard feelings: 5/6
No hard feelings: 6/6

Mila F ‘No hard feelings’

A dreamy atmosphere born from the encounter of a photographer & a model that met on that very same day, this is ‘No hard feelings’ out of Italy by Mila F & her muse Alessia Pigozzo.

“Alessia is a natural, & working with her was truly a pleasure. Helped by her boyfriend Massimiliano, we were able to set the perfect lighting that could accentuate the glaring contrast between transparency & opacity. A contrast that perfectly highlights her attitude, a balance of innocence & naughtiness which makes her alluringly sensual.”



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