Kristen Grace

‘No hitter’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Kristen Grace / Model: Galen Strachan / Stylist: Kristen Grace
No hitter: 1/11
No hitter: 2/11
No hitter: 3/11
No hitter: 4/11
No hitter: 5/11
No hitter: 6/11
No hitter: 7/11
No hitter: 8/11
No hitter: 9/11
No hitter: 10/11
No hitter: 11/11

Kristen Grace ‘No hitter’

For her debut feature, Melbourne film photographer, Kristen Grace takes her friend & muse, Galen Strachan to Brunswick on one of the last hot days of the Australian summer.

“I mostly like to shoot my friends, it lets me see a vulnerable side to them that I don’t usually get to see without the camera between us. The same goes for this shoot with Galen. I like to find locations that suit who they are & feel comfortable in – it makes for more fun.”



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