Justin Markin

‘No shade’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Justin Markin / Model: Scillz / Model: Anonymous
No shade: 1/10
No shade: 2/10
No shade: 3/10
No shade: 4/10
No shade: 5/10
No shade: 6/10
No shade: 7/10
No shade: 8/10
No shade: 9/10
No shade: 10/10

Justin Markin ‘No shade’

I had posted this series on our original platform a few years ago & unfortunately lost it when we transferred to our new one. It is still one of my favourite features yet & so it is with a massive stupid smile on my face that I bring you the raw & so naturally beautiful work of California film photographer, Justin Markin, again.

You may recognize one of the photos since it went viral when Instagram deleted our account due to the presence of pubic hair! At the time losing our Instagram account felt like the end of Sticks & Stones. Two weeks later we would realize it was the best fucking unplanned marketing plan conjured up by the Gods that we could have ever hoped for. More on this later 🙂

For now, here is ‘No shade’ by Justin Markin starring twin sisters captured on 35mm & 120mm.

“I had scoped the location in Griffith Park in Los Angeles & sourced the swimwear from this amazing flea market in ft Lauderdale. It was brutally sunny & hot that day with relatively no shade.”



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