Sheena She

‘No swimming’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Sheena She / Model: Oscar Gonzalez / Model: Kim Martin / Stylist: Rosemary Gonzalez / Assistant: Jessette / Make-up Artist: Sheena She
No swimming: 1/5
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No swimming: 5/5

Sheena She ‘No swimming’

Sheena She teamed up with stylist Rosemary Gonzalez for their latest awesome collaboration. This is ‘No Swimming’.

“Rosemary came to me with a concept & of course, I said hell yea, because everything that we create & work on together is something else. We really mesh well together. It was a cloudy Memorial Day, we grabbed some beers, blew up all the floaties & prepared the pool. This was shot in different areas around the backyard. The models, Oscar & Kim, are so awesome to work with. I love their dynamic & how comfortable they are in front of the camera. Loved how you can see the irony in the shoot, gothic at heart with a pinch of cute & colorfulness.”

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