Migella Accorsi

‘No time for fuckboys’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Migella Accorsi / Model: Emma Simmons / Art director: v.vvvv
No time for fuckboys: 1/6
No time for fuckboys: 2/6
No time for fuckboys: 3/6
No time for fuckboys: 4/6
No time for fuckboys: 5/6
No time for fuckboys: 6/6

Migella Accorsi ‘No time for fuckboys’

Migella Accorsi & Emma Simmons discuss their mutual thoughts on fuck boys as they conjure up some creative magic for us.

“It was my last day in Miami when Emma & I met up. It was an instant love, honestly. We smoked cigarettes out the window & talked about how we don’t have time for fuckboys. We just got funky with it, put some records on & let our creative juices flow. Emma floated around the apartment showing me all her paintings & dumpster diving gems. After we sufficiently fed our art appetite, we pulled out the camera &&& ayyyyy MAGIC.”



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