Noemie: 1/7 Noemie: 1/7
Noemie: 2/7 Noemie: 2/7
Noemie: 3/7 Noemie: 3/7
Noemie: 4/7 Noemie: 4/7
Noemie: 5/7 Noemie: 5/7
Noemie: 6/7 Noemie: 6/7
Noemie: 7/7 Noemie: 7/7

Lawrence Fafard ‘Noemie’

For her latest feature, Montreal photographer, Lawrence Fafard collaborated with Ankle to showcase the latest designs from NYC underwear brand, Jonesy.

This felt like the perfect series to feature on International Women’s Day. GRL PWR 4 EVA!!!!



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