Rovel Hagos


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Rovel Hagos / Creative director: Rovel Hagos / Model: Soraya Page / Stylist: Rovel Hagos
Nostalgia: 1/8
Nostalgia: 2/8
Nostalgia: 3/8
Nostalgia: 4/8
Nostalgia: 5/8
Nostalgia: 6/8
Nostalgia: 7/8
Nostalgia: 8/8

Rovel Hagos ‘Nostalgia’

Young Brisbane based fashion & film photographer, with a deep love for the 90’s & photographing poeple his colour, presents his debut series. This is ‘Nostalgia’ by Rovel Hagos.

“We set out to the streets of Brisbane, intrigued by our surroundings. The early morning had a special feeling to it, as the sun glistened I knew this would be a special day & a different shoot. We scouted locations, exploring alleyways, buildings & thing’s that gathered interest. The colours of the day screamed of Nostalgia, for split moments I was mistaken how my city felt like times past in Havana Cuba, a time & place I haven’t experienced.”



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