Stephan Small

‘Not basic (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Stephan Small / Model: Georgie Riot / HMUA: Siana Hemmings
Not basic (NSFW): 1/12
Not basic (NSFW): 2/12
Not basic (NSFW): 3/12
Not basic (NSFW): 4/12
Not basic (NSFW): 5/12
Not basic (NSFW): 6/12
Not basic (NSFW): 7/12
Not basic (NSFW): 8/12
Not basic (NSFW): 9/12
Not basic (NSFW): 10/12
Not basic (NSFW): 11/12
Not basic (NSFW): 12/12

Stephan Small ‘Not basic (NSFW)’

Manchester photographer, Stephan Small brings us new awesome work starring our girl, Georgie Riot.

Georgia invited me & Siana round for tea & the plan was to get a few simple headshots. As soon as I stepped into her place & spotted her extensive sneaker collection, huge Supreme towel & skateboards, I knew there wasn’t going to be anything basic happening that afternoon.”




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