Alexander Pérez-Flores

‘Not contemporary’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Alexander Pérez-Flores / Art director: Anneliesse Indacochea / Art director: Alexa Mimbela / Photographer assistant: Ignacio Gallegos / Stylist: Anneliesse Indacochea / Stylist: Alexa Mimbela
Not contemporary: 1/8
Not contemporary: 2/8
Not contemporary: 3/8
Not contemporary: 4/8
Not contemporary: 5/8
Not contemporary: 6/8
Not contemporary: 7/8
Not contemporary: 8/8

Alexander Pérez-Flores ‘Not contemporary’

This editorial from Alexander Perez-Flores emits erotica, inspired by a mixture of vintage goth & renascence, with a touch of class, darkness, futurism & pop. Alexander wanted to show how fashion is constantly revisited by the modern, & how it is reinvented with new generations that bring with them, elevated freedom & female empowerment.



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