Mark Yareham

‘Not that common’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Mark Yareham / Model: Ruben Silvestre / Model: Andrea Felix / Stylist: Lakajade Vintage / Wardrobe: Lakajade Vintage
Not that common: 1/10
Not that common: 2/10
Not that common: 3/10
Not that common: 4/10
Not that common: 5/10
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Not that common: 10/10

Mark Yareham ‘Not that common’

Anglo-Spanish artist born & bred in Valencia, Mark Yareham, decided against having just another regular Tuesday.

“It was a common day for people, but we don’t like common days, so decided to take some pictures in an arcade located in Valencia where you are not allowed to shoot. We started on some beers & sodas while we checked the place out, & spent the rest of the afternoon playing games & slipping past the guards & maintenance staff while we took the photos.”



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