Alexan Sarikamichian

‘Not your girls’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Director: Alexan Sarikamichian / Production: Alexan Films / Written by: Alexan Sarikamichian / Editor: Nicolas Ponieman / Art director: Alexan Sarikamichian / Stylist: Rigoberta Del Tesouro
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Alexan Sarikamichian ‘Not your girls’

Can you split your heart in two? Can you be in love of two people at the same time? What are the consequences? This is the story of a girl divided in her two weaknesses, living out two love stories simultaneously on which we see her enjoy & suffer at the same time. The film reflects the gaze of this confused teenager, at the point of losing her conscience as she lives her passion with freedom. This is ‘Not your girls’ by Argentina film maker, Alexan Sarikamichian.

“Rigoberta del Tesouro contacted me some time ago because she liked my videos & as she worked with costume we thought we could do something together. Unfortunately, our project didn’t work out but we kept in touch & I thought it would be a good idea to ask her to be in front of the camera this time. That’s when I found out about her lovely look & charisma & that she could be the protagonist of a love story between two women, I knew she was going to put a big effort in the project & be very courageous. I wanted to make an emotional video but I also needed to find the right chemistry between them & a very particular aesthetic view.

After that it turned really easy for me to contact the other protagonist. I called Agustina Leal, someone I really feel confident with, & on my second line I told her she had to play a very courageous scene where she had to act like a “lolita” & show her boobs in the middle of a bridge with a highway full of cars at the back, something similar to Aerosmith’s Crazy video. When she agreed to do that I knew all the rest was done.

I had already worked with Anahí Roy, & I asked her to participate but we could never find the right time to get together. I knew she had a special energy & attitude. Anahí has a special behaviour that was really present during the moment of shooting. She has such an intensity that makes as all awake all the time & such a natural beauty that I didn’t want her to wear any makeup; I wanted her freckles to be shown. In the end we decided to add something distinctive to the character & she only painted her eyebrows.”

Special thanks to; Frabulosa, Banana Fish, Rigoberta Del Tesouro, Roomie, Lyon, polyester

Soundtrack: “Imanes” de Piscis Machine



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