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Alexan Sarikamichian ‘Notes’

Our favorite Argentina filmmaker Alexan Sarikamichian teams up with Francisco Mazziotti to bring us new work. This is an inner thoughts exploration of a girl in her mid 20’s, entitled ‘Notes’.

Directed & Produced by Alexan Sarikamichian & Fran De La Fuente
Starring: Felicitas Barresi
Voice Over: Rosin Keogh
Special Appearance: Mariano Ontañon & Santiago Robledo Pages for Civiles Management
DOP & Camara: Sebastian Ferrari & Dani Carrizo
Editor: Ana Svarz
Gaffer: Fernando Rodríguez
Art Director Agostina Alvarez
Stylist : Jimo Soriano
Producer: Alexan Films
Associate Producers: Belencia Cher & Joaquin Bartolomé Otero Sojo
Asist producer & Stylist : Anita Fluxa
Make up: Daal Mojica
Hair Style: Mae Ludueña for Vardø Management & Gabo Escobar
Color grade: Sebastian Ferrari & Dani Carrizo
Original Music: Joaquin Bartolomé Otero Sojo
Sound: Enrique Paredes
Still Photography: Marina Monaco
Illustrator: Tamara Conforti
Motion Graphic: Santiago Avila
Super8mm Footage: Julian Bustelo Drovandi

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