Nurse: 1/18 Nurse: 1/18
Nurse: 2/18 Nurse: 2/18
Nurse: 3/18 Nurse: 3/18
Nurse: 4/18 Nurse: 4/18
Nurse: 5/18 Nurse: 5/18
Nurse: 6/18 Nurse: 6/18
Nurse: 7/18 Nurse: 7/18
Nurse: 8/18 Nurse: 8/18
Nurse: 9/18 Nurse: 9/18
Nurse: 10/18 Nurse: 10/18
Nurse: 11/18 Nurse: 11/18
Nurse: 12/18 Nurse: 12/18
Nurse: 13/18 Nurse: 13/18
Nurse: 14/18 Nurse: 14/18
Nurse: 15/18 Nurse: 15/18
Nurse: 16/18 Nurse: 16/18
Nurse: 17/18 Nurse: 17/18
Nurse: 18/18 Nurse: 18/18

James Beddoes ‘Nurse’

‘Nurse’ is our latest feature by UK based photographer,┬áJames Beddoes & has everything I love in one shoot. I asked James to tell us a little more about the day…

“This was my first time shooting with Alycia B. I saw her on instagram & thought she had such a cool vibe that I had to shoot with her. She is nurse most of the time but occasionally models. We originally intended to do a sunny outdoor shoot but the rain put a stop to that so we just decided to hang out in the studio and shoot whatever came to mind. The effort was to keep everything real, no posing and no lighting just whatever felt cool! It was great for me as Alyica has such an effortless confidence”.



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