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Borja Alvarez ‘Obsession’

Photographer/Director Borja Alvarez brings us his stunning debut series starring Patricia Valley who describes their time creating together.

“Borja & I met two years ago & soon we became inseparable friends. I think we both play certain roles, out of acquired social personalities, but when we are together, we get to rest.

We are very different, even if we share moon in Leo. We are so different that I know he’ll laugh reading this, thinking: “here’s Patri again talking about Astrology.” But in the end, we share the essential: values, & an almost unhealthy obsession for light.

It’s interesting, diving into the deep & dark waters of a Scorpio, & flying through the shiny pink skies of a Pisces, to project images from that meeting point where both worlds collide at the horizon line.

I think that’s where all our art is born, out of those complementary opposites, out of absolute respect, out of love.”



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