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Marianna Vysotskaya ‘Obsession’

Its a pleasure to introduce you to a new contributor in young Moscow photographer, Marianna Vysotskaya. I’m sure most of you, if not all can relate to her obsession with photography. I know I can!

“I love my job. It’s so cool to flip through the photos & remember the people from the days I walked, talked, & shot with them. A kind of time machine to the past. My work is my art, my lover, my friend who will relieve boredom, my teacher & my entire world. I can’t imagine myself without photography.

When I shot with Anastasiya,everything happened spontaneously. We drank a little & started shooting. Burial played from my playlist & created the necessary atmosphere. I love experimenting with light, in the sense that from the materials at hand you can make it all the more interesting. So this is what we got with  a red bulb desk lamp & a flashlight.”



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