April Jarmcharoen

‘Oceanic Shock’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: April Jarmcharoen / Stylist: Liana Hardy / Model: Alexandra Cribb / Hair: Giulia Couts / Make-up Artist: Giulia Couts / Wardrobe: Jen Xu
Oceanic Shock: 1/5
Oceanic Shock: 2/5
Oceanic Shock: 3/5
Oceanic Shock: 4/5
Oceanic Shock: 5/5

April Jarmcharoen ‘Oceanic Shock’

Melbourne based photographer, April Jarmcharoen brings us a conceptual story based on the current disruptive chaos involved in environmental stressors, such as pollution, litter & fire disasters, that are threatening the lives of marine life. This is represented by the bold red garment pieces throughout. In contrast to this destructive nature, the serene environment of the sea is represented by the calming sea life depicted in the swimwear digital print.

“Save the oceans from the unsettling rampage of disaster shocks that are currently ruining the seas!!!”



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