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Ana Gabriela Leon ‘Oh Ana’

Mega talent, Ana Gabriela Leon shares two stunning stories with us, photographed, styled & modelled by Ana herself! Im in love.

Bitter purity
Centered around the outdated ideals and morals expected of women in the 1900’s. Young women dressed in All white to appear “pure” but in these pictures adding the bright messy purples or reds to show the defiance brewing inside them. Makes you think why these old ages are looked at as pleasing to the eye when all they actually stand for are captivity and suppression.

Paralleled neon
Using both darks and lights the goal was for the pictures to take you into a world of mirrored beauty. Basically if you stepped into your mirror this is what the parallel universe would look like. Bringing in feelings of wonder and playful curiosity because of the pink neon hues and paired with remorse and darkness brought on by the dark walls and the faceless double.



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