Jimmy Lin

‘On a whim’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Jimmy Lin / Creative director: Jimmy Lin / Model: Bianca Venerayan / Stylist: Bianca Venerayan
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On a whim: 6/6

Jimmy Lin ‘On a whim’

Jimmy Lin, pursuer of passion, made his start as a commercial photographer in 2012, but quickly realised being used as a tool to propel a corporation wasn’t for him. Photography is now his way to connect with like-minded individuals, for the sole purpose of creating something meaningful for everyone involved. Here is what Jimmy had to say about his spontaneous debut feature starring model/stylist, Bianca Venerayan.

“Bianca & I have known one another for a decade, so the dynamic of our work/friend relationship is ambiguous. She & I often shoot together & it always turns out to be a regular hang-out day between two people with shared hobbies. This time around, we met up on a whim with all the creative juices flowing yet no wardrobe to show for it. Being an advocate for sustainability in fashion, Bianca almost exclusively shops vintage or secondhand, so naturally, we popped into the nearest thrift shop & walked out with 3 cohesive looks ready to go. A huge thing I focus on as a photographer is the story behind the shoot; I rarely plan my creatives meticulously. I like to see how things unfold on their own. This one in particular worked out so effortlessly & I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”



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