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Zoe Rain ‘One body’

Zoe Rain began pursuing digital imagery while shooting local hip-hop concerts in Seattle throughout her tender high school years. She started working with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in 2010, & three years later came on tour as their full time photographer & videographer, all before the age of 21! Since then she has made a name for herself in Seattle across the globe with a refined photojournalistic & editorial style in a wide array of photography.

Recently Zoe teamed up with stylist, Jessi Sheehan for their stunning debut series. Here is what Jessi told us about their shoot day…

“When we began discussing this shoot we had our male model locked in immediately. I knew right away I wanted to style beautiful, unique, interesting brands of fall/winter menswear. We were hoping to shoot outside but due to the weather we got stuck in the studio. I wanted lots of beautiful colour as I knew it would pop off the model’s glowing skin. Working with someone like Zoe who is incredibly talented & could adapt to any idea that I had, we both decided to use an orange sweep for some of the shots.

It was not until the day before (or even the morning of the shoot) that I found out we would also have a female model. I did not want to put her in womenswear, rather I wanted the two models to create one look and become One Body. They have been friends for some years & so I knew they would have natural, organic chemistry. Although, this was my first time working together with them. I did not want them to come across as lovers or that he was her victim. They were equal. Without the other there would not be a complete look. I think they did a beautiful job moving into bizarre poses, captured excellently by Zoe, to create One Body.”

Brands featured; Vince, Post Imperial, Scotch & Soda, Cause & Effect, A Kind of Guise, Gitman Bros, Our Legacy, Jimmy Choo, Levi’s, Kokorokoko, Still by Hand, Gant, Blurhms, Air Jordan, De Islas, Vince, De Islas, Eidos, SK Manor Hill, Broletto, Nanette Lepore, Meyvn, JBrand, Dobbs.




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