Steven (Hao-Yang) Lai

‘One year later’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Steven (Hao-Yang) Lai / Model: Woohoo Hsu
One year later: 1/9
One year later: 2/9
One year later: 3/9
One year later: 4/9
One year later: 5/9
One year later: 6/9
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One year later: 9/9

Steven (Hao-Yang) Lai ‘One year later’

Taiwanese photographer/jewellery designer, Steven (Hao-Yang) Lai, meets with muse, Woohoo Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan for his debut series.

“Woohoo was one of the first models I shot with when I started my photography career. About a year ago, we wanted to create something different, however I was only starting out & I struggled to create a good concept. Since then, I often think about that first shoot & all the things I could have done differently.

Recently I had the opportunity to travel back to Taiwan for Spring break, so I called up Woohoo to see if she was up for a shoot. On the shoot day, I felt confident in my skill & the way I approached different ideas on my mood board. It was amazing to realise my growth within a year’s time!”



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