Oneness: 1/7 Oneness: 1/7
Oneness: 2/7 Oneness: 2/7
Oneness: 3/7 Oneness: 3/7
Oneness: 4/7 Oneness: 4/7
Oneness: 5/7 Oneness: 5/7
Oneness: 6/7 Oneness: 6/7
Oneness: 7/7 Oneness: 7/7

Sarah Eiseman ‘Oneness’

Sarah Eiseman didn’t tell me much about herself when she submitted this surreal & incredibly beautiful film series. But after being fixed to her tumblr for the past hour or so I feel like I have known her forever & I like her very much. Titled ‘Let’s be Adventurous Darling‘, Sarah’s page is an incredibly honest insight into her personal & artistic journeys. If that doesn’t turn you into a fan, her instagram account definitely will :)24




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