Ophelie Rondeau

‘Ophelie & the girls’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Ophelie Rondeau / Model: June Kanamea / Model: Penelope / Model: Ange / Model: Thania / Model: Nina
Ophelie & the girls: 1/11
Ophelie & the girls: 2/11
Ophelie & the girls: 3/11
Ophelie & the girls: 4/11
Ophelie & the girls: 5/11
Ophelie & the girls: 6/11
Ophelie & the girls: 7/11
Ophelie & the girls: 8/11
Ophelie & the girls: 9/11
Ophelie & the girls: 10/11
Ophelie & the girls: 11/11

Ophelie Rondeau ‘Ophelie & the girls’

Ophelie Rondeau is back with another gorgeous film series.

“I usually work with my Olympus MJU II but I recently came across my mom’s camera that she got when she turned 30, & because I’m about to be 30 myself I wanted to shoot this series with it.

It felt so good to be shooting for #ophelieandthegirls again after weeks of commissioned work! A year ago I took very similar photos with a group of five girls, photos I have never published because the styling didn’t feel right. It was frustrating because I absolutely loved one of the photos but I just couldn’t share it re: the outfits. I knew it could be better, so I decided to recreate it. I had to sit patiently through the Berlin winter, waiting for the temperatures to be bearable & the trees to be green again. Luckily the weather was fantastic on the day of the (re)shoot & I felt on top of the world. Taking that one photo again was so satisfying, almost better than an orgasm. There is no better feeling for me than creating new work that I love!”



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