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Opulence: 2/19 Opulence: 2/19
Opulence: 3/19 Opulence: 3/19
Opulence: 4/19 Opulence: 4/19
Opulence: 5/19 Opulence: 5/19
Opulence: 6/19 Opulence: 6/19
Opulence: 7/19 Opulence: 7/19
Opulence: 8/19 Opulence: 8/19
Opulence: 9/19 Opulence: 9/19
Opulence: 10/19 Opulence: 10/19
Opulence: 11/19 Opulence: 11/19
Opulence: 12/19 Opulence: 12/19
Opulence: 13/19 Opulence: 13/19
Opulence: 14/19 Opulence: 14/19
Opulence: 15/19 Opulence: 15/19
Opulence: 16/19 Opulence: 16/19
Opulence: 17/19 Opulence: 17/19
Opulence: 18/19 Opulence: 18/19
Opulence: 19/19 Opulence: 19/19

Good John ‘Opulence’

Melbourne designers Hayley Van Ree & Chelsea Hickman dissect concepts of hedonism through pink & red hues in their recent collaboration runway show ‘Opulence’ & Good John was there to capture it all on 35mm film.

Held on day two of Melbourne Fashion Week, the rogue event took place in Melbourne’s notorious Nicholas Building where an intimate audience was lavished in textures & punk-esk garments on a diverse range of enthusiastic & animated models. Guests were spoiled to a performance by emerging pop-star Feyonce Floyd & contemporary dancer Talia Rothstein. Opulence showcased Hayley’s second collection titled ‘9 2 5’ for her fashion label Filfy Rish & Chelsea presented ‘Cucci’, her first collection under the name Fashion Chelsea. Hayley will be launching the Filfy Rish online store on November 30th. Chelsea is currently completing her Honours in Fashion Design at RMIT and intends to further pursue design endeavours under her pseudonym-brand Fashion Chelsea.



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