Elizabeth Francesca

‘Oral fixation’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Elizabeth Francesca / Model: Edward Perri
Oral fixation: 1/5
Oral fixation: 2/5
Oral fixation: 3/5
Oral fixation: 4/5
Oral fixation: 5/5

Elizabeth Francesca ‘Oral fixation’

Freelance photographer, bamboo horticulturist, nude art model, Elizabeth Francesca presents ‘Oral Fixation’.

“My childhood was fraught with a sense of rebellion. As I got into my teenage years, I was forced among my circumstances to mature at an accelerated pace. I’m a heavy smoker now, & the progression of the lit cigarette depicted here encompasses the resentment & rebellion that formed inside of me as I aged toward adulthood. When I was eight or nine, I used printer paper & markers to make fake cigarettes. I would “smoke” them in the Fuddruckers arcade. I wanted to grow up so quick; there was no controlling me. I started smoking at fifteen while working in a variety of bars, & haven’t stopped since. I love packing the box, peeling away the plastic, lighting it, flicking it, inhaling it. A cigarette is my idea of unconstrained youth, invincibility, attitude & rebelling against everything my mother ever told me.”



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