Artist at camera

‘Oral Fixation’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Artist at camera / Model: Artist at camera / Model: Nikolina Čeko
Oral Fixation: 1/6
Oral Fixation: 2/6
Oral Fixation: 3/6
Oral Fixation: 4/6
Oral Fixation: 5/6
Oral Fixation: 6/6

Artist at camera ‘Oral Fixation’

With so many mouth close-ups circulating the internet, it would seem many of us have an oral fixation. I know I do! Here are a few more for the archive via a young photographer & visual artist from Bosnia-Herzegovina, who goes by ‘Artist At Camera’.

“It’s melancholic, a bit edgy & dirty, just the way I love it, & pinkish! Also, it is a series of self-portraits, that explores women’s body, sexuality &, above all, femininity.”



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